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But … in order to reach this beauty, you have to buy into this concept. That the team is bigger than you AND that you are an important part of that team. Here are five ways to strengthen your team by working on being an exceptional teammate:. You need to build trust with each other. This is done with your words and your actions. With team sports, trust and respect are linked closely together.

The Experience is the Real Award!

If you want to build trust on your team, start by being trustworthy. If you want to make sure that your role is appreciated and valued then you need to make sure that you are appreciating and valuing the roles of your teammates. You are not doing your teammates any favors by not calling them out and not being honest.

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It can be difficult to do, but if you are sincere in your dealings with people, then they will listen when you have something to say. Owning your actions will build respect in the locker room and show your teammates that you care enough about them to admit when you were in the wrong. It also provides a great learning opportunity. It can be easy to let the Playdowns take over your emotions but it is necessary to remain calm.

Your body language can have a great effect on your teammates whether you realize it or not and how you behave during a game is not always how you want to be remembered. You never know what your teammates could be going through of off the ice and it is important to be a friend. These bonds could be reflected on the ice the next team time the skates are laced up.

How to Get Better at Basketball! Top 4 Ways to Become a Great Teammate

Carry this friendships over into the summer. Ontario Minor Hockey Association. Photo Credit: Julie Whelan Photography. Here are five ways to be a good teammate for the rest of the season. Leave the coaching to your coaches.

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That is what they are there for. They are your equal, skill or otherwise. If you want to mesh well with your teammates, you have to figure out how they like to be talked to. Speak to them in a way that gets their attention and encourages them to be a better player. You must always keep your cool on and off the court, which may seem like an impossible feat at the time, but whenever you are about to say something, stop yourself and think: Could this hurt my teammate?

Could they take this information differently than I intended? If the answer to these questions are no, then you can most likely say this to your team, but if the answers to these questions are yes, then it is better for everyone to not hear this piece of information. Being a good teammate sometimes means dealing with uncomfortable situations.

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If you see one of your teammates being negative to another teammate, put a stop to it immediately! You can change the situation by saying something positive or talking to your coach.

5 Ways to be a Great Teammate in Basketball

It can be hard to stand up to your teammates but remember that part of being a good teammate is to keep your confidence and emotions in check. Being an undersized player I think I can be a bit more sensitive to my teammates comments. I used to get so nervous around them and I was reluctant to do anything because the truth was, some of them were mean! Whether they liked it or not, I was training with them and they were going to have to learn to work with me. I tried to remind myself that I was there to get better and because I loved the sport.

Cheering… where to begin.

The importance of being a good teammate

Cheering can lighten the mood of a stressful game and take pressure off of the players. I know that when I hear my teammates cheering when I am on the court, it gets me pumped! It makes me excited to play the game, and easier to shake off mistakes because I know that my teammates are supporting me.

Cheering shows that you believe in your teammates and it makes the game more enjoyable. There is always something to cheer about, whether it is a good rally, or a nice kill, or a block, or an amazing save, there is always something!

When your team is down, that is when they need your cheering and support the most. That is when you need to be the loudest.